Homes4Life has a duration of 24 months and will produce 24 deliverables.
20 of them are public: they are uploaded on this page when finalised.

  • Project website, logo, roll-up poster, leaflet and other sustainable promotional goodies

D5.4 – Not yet available

A wide set of tools for supporting the implementation of the dissemination and communication plan.

  • Desktop research report

D2.1 – Not yet available

Synthesis of findings from existing documents about future living environments

  • Stakeholder Workshop

D2.2 – Not yet available

Meeting with high-level stakeholders to discuss the draft Homes4Life visions

  • Vision Document

D2.3 – Not yet available

Document with the Homes4Life visions.

  • KPI Framework for Smart age friendly living environments

D3.1 – Not yet available

KPIs definition for smart and integrated living environments for ageing well.

  • Certification schemes framework report

D3.2 – Not yet available

Report on existing European certification and labelling schemes for smart living environments

  • Working taxonomy

D2.4 – Not yet available

Report with the Homes4Life working taxonomy

  • Innovation Systems Analyses

D2.5 – Not yet available

Report that defines readiness level in different European regions for the certification schemes.

  • Existing R&I initiatives report

D3.3 – Not yet available

Report on existing relevant R&I projects, especially large-scale pilots on Internet of Things and other projects in the fields of independent living and ageing well.

  • Homes4Life functional brief

D3.4 – Not yet available

Functional brief/programme of requirements for the Homes4Life certification scheme

  • Homes4Life Stakeholders Community of Interest

D5.1 – Not yet available

Community of Homes4Life relevant stakeholders

  • Dissemination and Communication plan, activity and performance report

D5.3 – Not yet available

A document presenting the plan of dissemination and communication activities, and reporting on their actual implementation and impact.

  • Promotional videos

D5.5 – Not yet available

Two short promotional motion-design videos for presenting 1) objectives and outcomes (age-friendly housing) of the project and 2) the Homes4Life process: how to achieve these outcomes.

  • Certification scheme – technical reference framework – v0

D4.2 – Not yet available

Implementation of the initial technical reference framework in the ISIA platform

  • Certification scheme – technical reference framework – v1

D4.3 – Not yet available

Refined version of the technical reference framework following a series of tests with a set of 10 demo buildings / living environments

  • Certification scheme – technical reference framework – final

D4.4 – Not yet available

Final version of the technical reference framework after integration of stakeholders’ feedback resulting from the wide-spread call for comments

  • Certification scheme promotional package

D4.5 – Not yet available

A professional-quality promotional toolkit consisting of an official 1-page certificate to be displayed in certified buildings / homes, a certification logo, a poster, digital material, etc.

  • Memorandum of understanding / commitment to invest in Homes4Life-certified age-friendly homes

D4.6 – Not yet available

A set of signed « MoU / commitment to invest letters » from both private and public relevant Homes4Life stakeholders

  • Exploitation and supporting investment strategy

D5.2 – Not yet available

A strategy document which will present Homes4Life exploitable results, proposed paths for their exploitation, as well as methods and tools for supporting investment in age-friendly housing through retro- and prospective analyses of pilot cases.

  • Homes4Life final event

D5.6 – Not yet available

Final event coordinated by AGE to present the main project outcomes