Standards for the Smart Citizen, Brussels, 11 December

AGE Platform – The Voice of older persons at EU level –  Nhu Tram – attended an ETSI open meeting on the 11th December 2019 in Brussels, entitled Smart cities and communities – Standardization to meet citizen and consumer requirements.

ETSI’s Human Factors Technical Committee, is preparing a Technical Report with recommendations giving an overview of existing and needed standardization relating to the requirements of inhabitants of or visitors to smart cities or communities. The Report will examine the standards landscape in this context, and make recommendations as to how the current situation can be improved.

Nhu participated to the “citizens’ panel” dealing with issues of accessibility, privacy, and security among others. Ahead of the event, a written statement was prepared and can be found here.

Further info about the event can be found here.



Healthy Planet, healthy people ; Homes4Life at Healthy City Design 2019

Menno Hinkema from TNO presented Homes4Life at Healthy City Design 2019.

His talk offered the opportunity to reflect on the project’s proposed vision and working taxonomy of age-friendly homes in terms of their characteristics, requirements and effects.

The workshop permitted to receive input from other experiences to inform the development of the future Homes4Life certification scheme.

The video and slides of the presentation are available on the Salus Global Online Community.

New coalition formed to tackle lack of suitable housing

The Centre for Ageing Better and nine organisations from across the housing and charity sectors are today warning of a crisis in the provision of suitable housing for older and disabled people as they launch a new coalition to campaign for accessible homes.

Recent research showed that less than half of local housebuilding plans in England included provision for accessible homes. Meanwhile the number of households headed by someone aged 65 and over has increased by more than a million since 2010/11. By 2030, projected figures suggest that there will be just one new accessible home built for every 15 people over the age of 65.

The HoME coalition has today launched a 7-step charter to transform new housing, including recommendations for central and local government, estate agents, and developers.

Read the vision document here.

European good practices in friendliness

“Euskadi Lagunkoia” is a project of the Department of Employment and Social Policies of the Basque Government in collaboration with Matia Instituto, which is aimed at promoting participation of citizens as well as the public, private and social sector to develop a movement to foster age-friendly living environments.

This initiative is based on the “Age-friendly Environments Programme” promoted by the World Health Organisation. At the present time more than 60 cities and towns throughout the Basque Country are members of this Network and more than 800 are in the world Network of the WHO.

The III Conference “Good European Age-Friendliness Practices” is part of this project.

Silvia Urra (TECNALIA) presented the project Homes4Life in TABLE 1: Best practice in Europe.

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Designing for utopia or dystopia? People and planetary health at a crossroads.

Menno Hinkema from TNO, presented Homes4Life at the 3rd Healthy City Design 2019 International Congress in London, 14-15 Oct. 2019, UK.

This International Congress & Exhibition is a global forum for the exchange of knowledge on the research, policy and practice of designing healthy and sustainable cities and communities. 

Menno Hinkema, TNO, at HEALTY CITY DESIGN 2019

The presentation was held in a parallel track entitled “Designing for ageing” chaired by Hugh Barton, Emeritus Professor of planning, health and sustainability in the WHO Collaborating Centre at the University of the West of England, Bristol.

Session “Designing for Ageing” at HEALTY CITY DESIGN 2019

Interesting discussion have permitted dissemination of Homes4Life’ existence and focus to a UK audience of architects and designers, property developers, urban planners, and public authority representatives.

Learn more about HEALTY CITY DESIGN 2019 at

Homes4Life at Cities to Be, International congress on Sustainable Buildings

CERTIVEA contributed to the Cities to Be International Congress, an industry event for professionals in sustainable construction.

Cities to Be is a conference promoting action aimed at:

  • BEING UPDATED ON feedback from the field in France and abroad
  • SHARING good practices and solutions
  • MOBILIZING stakeholder dynamics
  • RAISING AWARENESS and PUTTING INTO PRACTICE over the time frame 2030-2050

During the specific “Networks day”, Patrick NOSSENT, CEO of CERTIVEA, gave an update on CERTIVEA prospective activities related to ICT (Information & Communication Technologies), including Homes4Life, and other connected initiatives such as 4Grids (Ready2Services extended for Smart Grids) and BIM4Value. He presented the main objectives and timeline of the Homes4Life project.

Patrick NOSSENT, Certivea CEO, at Cities to Be “Networks day”

The event contributed to raise awareness about the project, and to outline the future Homes4Life Certification Scheme, to an audience already familiar with the current portfolio of CERTIVEA certifications focused on sustainability. Some of the attendees might become assessors for the future Homes4Life certification scheme, or consultants who would provide advices to future users of this certification scheme.

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Homes4Life contributing to Smarter Cities

Prof Gian Marco Revel from Università Politecnica delle Marche introduced Homes4Life at a Smart Cities event which took place on 25 October 2019 in Grottammare, Italy.

The event was entitled Smart Cities : Città, cittadini e tecnologie – City, citizens & technology.

Smart Cities: città, cittadini e technologie – Event agenda
The speech was focused on innovation projects dealing with active ageing with a focus on the area of Marche Italian Region that was affected by recent earthquakes.
Prof. Gian Marco Revel, UNIVPM, introducing the Homes4Life certification

Improve the skills of home helpers for older people

Estelle Huchet, from AGE Platform Europe, moderated a panel at the final conference of the atHOME European project.

atHOME final project Conference in Brussels

On 22nd October 2019, POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ – PLS organised a conference in Brussels on the development of professional skills for home helpers, and on improving the quality of care for the elderly person at home. This event was part of the atHOME European project which aims to improve the maintenance of older and dependent people at home.

Among the topics covered: the issue of training, interaction and cooperation between the various actors of the home help and care, all for the benefit of the well-being of the elderly.

Estelle Huchet, AGE, at the atHOME final conference

Both speakers and the audience of the events highlighted the importance to get age-friendly housing: they bring benefits for their occupants, and they also indirectly support better working conditions for carers / home helpers, and thereby to reinforce attractiveness of these jobs.