French research on neighbourhood relationships & social housing

The Research Institute of the Caisse des Dépôts hosted a final research seminar on neighborhood relations on January 15, 2020, led by the French Social Housing Organisation USH – Union sociale pour l’Habitat.

The results show in particular the influence of education level and of social status on the propensity to establish neighbourly relationships. The publication of the final report will follow in June and the closing conference in July.

Further info here (in French)

Homes4Life has applied to the Dubai International Best Practices Award for Sustainable Development

Homes4Life has candidated to the Dubai International Best Practices Award for Sustainable Development.

In partnership with UN-HABITAT and Dubai Municipality, these awards aim at recognizing excellence and supporting urban best practices to improve the living environment. 

The awarding ceremony is currently scheduled for November 2020.

Further details available at

Active Ageing & Design : ECTP Committee

The progress of the Homes4Life project was presented by Prof. Alexander Peine, Utrech University at the last ECTP AA&D – Active Ageing & Design – Committee meeting held on the 3rd of December, 2019.

Driving innovation and change through research. To help create a better future for the Built Environment industry in Europe.

The main mission of ECTP and its committees is to develop new R&D&I strategies to improve competitiveness, meet societal needs & take up environmental challenges through an Innovative Built Environment.

ECTP recognises the need for research to make strategic decisions today and to future proof industry for tomorrow. We use our strategic research agenda to determine the challenges and issues facing the Built Environment in Europe, helping to lead the way to industry growth and a more sustainable future.

Further information about ECTP and how to become a member at


Homes4Life in Nice at AgeingFit

Homes4Life partner Università Politecnica delle Marche – Fabiano Compagnucci – presented our project at the AgeingFit event in Nice, France, on the 29th of January 2020.

AgeingFit is the European event fostering innovation in the healthy ageing sector. A specific track was organised on the topic “Building new smart homes of focusing on retrofit ?: How to design and deliver housing that older people want and need ?

It was discussed the importance for the future  Homes4Life Certification Scheme to be flexible enough to accommodate tomorrow’s smart building technologies that will appear on the market, and to design homes that will be prepared and ready to implement them.

It was generally agreed with the audience and stakeholders represented in the   session that implementing age friendly housing should be a key policy priority for the upcoming years.
Learn more about AgeingFit here.

Homes4Life team gathered in Luxembourg

On Wednesday 29th January 2020, Homes4Life held its first review meeting at the European Commission  – DG Connect – in Luxembourg. The meeting was an opportunity to discuss the project progress and review the achievements of the first year.

Homes4Life is continuing the recruitment of at least 10 pilot buildings throughout Europe that will be pioneering the newly developed Homes4Life Certification Scheme for Ageing in Place.

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Standards for the Smart Citizen, Brussels, 11 December

AGE Platform – The Voice of older persons at EU level –  Nhu Tram – attended an ETSI open meeting on the 11th December 2019 in Brussels, entitled Smart cities and communities – Standardization to meet citizen and consumer requirements.

ETSI’s Human Factors Technical Committee, is preparing a Technical Report with recommendations giving an overview of existing and needed standardization relating to the requirements of inhabitants of or visitors to smart cities or communities. The Report will examine the standards landscape in this context, and make recommendations as to how the current situation can be improved.

Nhu participated to the “citizens’ panel” dealing with issues of accessibility, privacy, and security among others. Ahead of the event, a written statement was prepared and can be found here.

Further info about the event can be found here.



Healthy Planet, healthy people ; Homes4Life at Healthy City Design 2019

Menno Hinkema from TNO presented Homes4Life at Healthy City Design 2019.

His talk offered the opportunity to reflect on the project’s proposed vision and working taxonomy of age-friendly homes in terms of their characteristics, requirements and effects.

The workshop permitted to receive input from other experiences to inform the development of the future Homes4Life certification scheme.

The video and slides of the presentation are available on the Salus Global Online Community.

New coalition formed to tackle lack of suitable housing

The Centre for Ageing Better and nine organisations from across the housing and charity sectors are today warning of a crisis in the provision of suitable housing for older and disabled people as they launch a new coalition to campaign for accessible homes.

Recent research showed that less than half of local housebuilding plans in England included provision for accessible homes. Meanwhile the number of households headed by someone aged 65 and over has increased by more than a million since 2010/11. By 2030, projected figures suggest that there will be just one new accessible home built for every 15 people over the age of 65.

The HoME coalition has today launched a 7-step charter to transform new housing, including recommendations for central and local government, estate agents, and developers.

Read the vision document here.