2nd STAIR-AHA meeting: final report and STAIR-AHA statement

Towards a new approach to standards that support active and healthy ageing to engage with users of all age groups.

Following the PROGRESSIVE project final Conference, STAIR-AHA has released a statement which calls on standardisers, policy-makers and socio-economic actors involved in standardisation to:

Ensure the compliance of the standards developed with a set of ethical principles which echoes the founding European values of respect and dignity in the European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights;

Raise awareness of the benefits of the inclusion of older people – as experts regarding their own needs and preferences – in standards development;

Improve the inclusion of a wider range of stakeholders in the standardisation process and engage older people ́s representatives in order to ensure a better fit of standards with the needs and preferences of older people;

Make the standardisation process accessible in accordance with design-for-all principles so as to facilitate the participation of civil society representatives (examples of work could encompass user interfaces and built environments that are friendly, accessible and usable).

Read the full STAIR-AHA Statement and the final version of the report of the 2nd STAIR-AHA meeting.

Age-friendly housing: Promoting healthy spaces for all ages – IFA and WHO webinar

The IFA and WHO Department of Ageing and Life Course are organising a new webinar on connecting knowledge, new ideas and innovation around age-friendly environments (AFE).

The webinar Age-friendly housing: Promoting healthy spaces for all ages will be presented by:

  • Dr Ramona Ludolph – Technical Officer, Department of Public Health, Environmental & Social Determinants of Health, World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Ms Sybil Boutilier – Chair, Age Friendly Sausalito & Commissioner, Marin County Commission on Aging, California, United States
  • Ms Gemma Parera Álvarez – Technical Advisor, Diputació de Barcelona (Social Welfare Department), Barcelona, Spain
  • Ms Raquel Castelo Branco – Director, Social Cohesion Department, Porto City Council, Porto, Portugal

The webinar will focus on the public health impact of housing on health and showcase good practices in age-friendly housing from winners of the WHO / Grantmakers in Aging Innovation@Home contest.

Take this opportunity to connect with colleagues interested in AFE on Friday, 8 February 2019 at 11am EST.

Register here

Be part of the 2nd International Social Housing Festival in Lyon, 4-8 June 2019

The ISHF 2019 will aim through a series of diverse events on the one hand to highlight the importance of access to decent housing for all, while on the other hand to celebrate the long tradition of public, cooperative and social housing across the globe and recognise the need to adapt our systems to meet current and future housing challenges as the human and economic costs of neglect grows.

More information here.

Event website : http://www.ishf2019.com

A new approach to AHA standards engaging end-users – 31 Jan. 2019, Brussels

The 2nd STAIR-AHA meeting supported by the PROGRESSIVE project will take place on the 31st of January 2019 in Brussels.

The meeting will provide an opportunity to debate and discuss on:

  • age-friendly communities,
  • age-friendly homes
  • inclusiveness in standardisation, with accessibility and the European Accessibility Act as a use case.

The event also aims at interchanging ideas on how to promote this change of mindsets, i.e. the effective inclusion of end-users (focusing on older people) in the future.

Save the Date – Draft Agenda

Link for registration

Digital public services for age-friendly cities and communities – 29 Jan. 2019, Brussels

AGE Platform Europe invites you at the European Parliament for a Joint Intergroup meeting, on Tuesday 29 January 2019 in Brussels (10h30-12h30).

The Urban Intergroup and the Intergroup on Active Ageing, Intergenerational Solidarity and Family policies will be discussing about co-creation of digital public services, in the context of the Horizon2020 project Mobile-Age.

Members of the European Parliament, representatives of the European Commission, local politicians and academia will provide some highlights on common challenges and solutions for conceiving urban and rural planning with the lens of age-friendly concepts and practices.

The event is also an occasion to share tools and insights paving the way to European strategies putting citizens’ needs on the agenda of European policies.

Event Agenda

Registration is compulsory, and available via this link: https://goo.gl/forms/M1dbTpEy0QwSya3V2