2nd STAIR-AHA meeting: final report and STAIR-AHA statement

Towards a new approach to standards that support active and healthy ageing to engage with users of all age groups.

Following the PROGRESSIVE project final Conference, STAIR-AHA has released a statement which calls on standardisers, policy-makers and socio-economic actors involved in standardisation to:

Ensure the compliance of the standards developed with a set of ethical principles which echoes the founding European values of respect and dignity in the European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights;

Raise awareness of the benefits of the inclusion of older people – as experts regarding their own needs and preferences – in standards development;

Improve the inclusion of a wider range of stakeholders in the standardisation process and engage older people ́s representatives in order to ensure a better fit of standards with the needs and preferences of older people;

Make the standardisation process accessible in accordance with design-for-all principles so as to facilitate the participation of civil society representatives (examples of work could encompass user interfaces and built environments that are friendly, accessible and usable).

Read the full STAIR-AHA Statement and the final version of the report of the 2nd STAIR-AHA meeting.