Homes4Life report on Existing R&I initiatives

Homes4Life Deliverable D3.3 – Report on Existing R&I initiatives – is now available for download.

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

Executive Summary

This deliverable is focused on identifying and analysing existing research and innovation (R&I) initiatives and on detecting gaps and shortcomings in overcoming barriers for investments for generating age–friendly building stock (renovation and new buildings, including community integration). The analysis has been made between the partners of the projects for identifying the most significant projects in the European scenario. Furthermore, the analysis has been extended also to National and Regional projects to have a point of view focused on concrete and real scenario and a cross-cultural difference between projects from different countries or areas. The analysed projects came from several research and innovation programmes, e.g. H2020, Active and Assistive Living (AAL), More Years Better Lives Joint programming initiatives, etc. A selection of these projects has been made to provide a list of projects that can identify gaps to be covered from Homes4Life. The project has been divided in 3 major classes:

  • Large Scale IoT pilots
  • Smart living environments
  • Independent Living and Ageing well

For each categorises has been analysed several aspects:

  • A general description
  • Goals
  • Strengths and Opportunities
  • Weaknesses and Threats

The analysed projects have been chosen in different areas of research, e.g. psychological, social, architectural, urban, ICT to embrace all the main aspects that the certification scheme for age-friendly environment should cover.