Homes4Life invited to talk about mobility at the EuskalHiria Congress Ageing and Inclusiveness

Living and ageing in place are facilitated by how well you can reach the services you need; health or social services, leisure activities, public spaces, supermarkets, social participation … If we want older people to remain as long as they wish in their homes and communities, we have to make sure their housing is also adequate.

Our Homes4life colleague Nhu Tram talked about Mobility as it is also a matter of housing choice, to be able to decide where you want to live.

With the EU-funded project Homes4Life on age-friendly housing, coordinated by Tecnalia in Bilbao, we realized that adequate housing options evolving with the progressive needs of older people are very scarce.

It’s either your family house where you’ve raised your kids, where all your friends and activities are, or the nursing homes that might be far from your community. This lack of housing options can potentially uproot you from your community because you might not have adequate transportation options.

The event took place on 23 and 24 November online.

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