“Lisbon – City of All Ages” – Stay tuned at the 3rd Edition of the InterActions Symposium’s workshops!

The 3rd Edition of the InterActions Symposium, organized by the Mission Unit “Lisbon – City of All Ages” of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, gathers a group of academics, researchers, decision-makers, entrepreneurs, and other experts in the field of longevity and aging.

Pessoas a passear no Terreiro do Paço

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In 16 online thematic sessions, the challenges of promoting a society for all ages will be discussed. The main aim is to inform and encourage the sharing of good practices and the views of different departments and services of Santa Casa on this issue.

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The thematic sessions will focus on a wide range of topics in the area of ageing, such as aspects related to the social representation of older people and stereotypes of ageing, and the process of transition to retirement, addressing the challenges related to ‘Ageing in Place’ in the digital age. Particular emphasis will be placed on the residential component and community space as levers to facilitate the transition from hospital to the community, with implications for policy regarding continuity of care.

Distinguished national experts in the area will be joined by international specialists who will contribute to a better understanding of the challenges we face in affirming a more equitable, cohesive, and inclusive society for all ages.


Source of the text:  http://www.scml.pt/projetos-e-fundos/interactions/

Homes4Life invited to talk about mobility at the EuskalHiria Congress Ageing and Inclusiveness

Living and ageing in place are facilitated by how well you can reach the services you need; health or social services, leisure activities, public spaces, supermarkets, social participation … If we want older people to remain as long as they wish in their homes and communities, we have to make sure their housing is also adequate.

Our Homes4life colleague Nhu Tram talked about Mobility as it is also a matter of housing choice, to be able to decide where you want to live.

With the EU-funded project Homes4Life on age-friendly housing, coordinated by Tecnalia in Bilbao, we realized that adequate housing options evolving with the progressive needs of older people are very scarce.

It’s either your family house where you’ve raised your kids, where all your friends and activities are, or the nursing homes that might be far from your community. This lack of housing options can potentially uproot you from your community because you might not have adequate transportation options.

The event took place on 23 and 24 November online.

The programme of the event is here

And more information about the conference is here

Homes4Life at the event “Viviendas colaborativas para personas que envejecen. Hogares para toda la vida, viviendas colaborativas, cohousing”

On the 28th of October Homes4Life project was invited to participate in the virtual event “Viviendas colaborativas para personas que envejecen. Hogares para toda la vida, viviendas colaborativas, cohousing”, organized by the Government of the Region of Asturias, in Spain, the municipality of Ponga ( Asturias, Spain) and the Alliance of Foundations for the Development of Territories.

This virtual event was organized inside the II State Meeting of Collaborative Spaces, Encuentros en Ponga.

Meetings in Ponga (Encuentros en Ponga) are an open space for debate on people’s habitat and its impact on ways of living, taking into account the demographic challenge, especially that arising from the aging of the population.

Our partner TECNALIA- Silvia Urra- presented the project at this event.  For knowing more about this topic please visit:  http://encuentrosenponga.es/ and https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=3395023610534932