Homes4Life at the 12th World Conference of Gerontechnology

Between 6-9 October 2020, the 12th World Conference of Gerontechnology took place.

Originally planned to be held in Trondheim/Norway, the conference was organized as a full online event. Homes4Life participated in a session on “Housing and Daily Activities” with a pre-recorded video presentation by Frans Sengers and Alexander Peine (Utrecht University) entitled “Charting the Innovation landscape for Age-friendly housing in Europe”.

Frans and Alexander elaborated upon the diversity of Age-friendly home pilots and experiments across Europe — which they charted as part of the Homes4Life Innovation Analysis — and identified a number of challenges and opportunities for the Homes4Life certification scheme.

The session brought about interesting discussions about housing, technology and ageing in place, capturing various levels of analysis, such as neighbourhoods, homes, furniture, social alarm systems and the internet of things. It further underlined that Homes4Life is a vital part in an exciting global landscape exploring the intersection of digital technologies, places and ageing, and how it comes to shape our lives as we grow older.

Watch again the presentation below !