Homes4Life at the European Week of Cities and Regions

Homes4Life is proud to participate to the #EURegionsWeek 2020 which will offer to participants more than 500 digital working sessions to discover over three consecutive weeks in October, from 5-22 October, covering various topics along the thematic priorities Empowering Citizens; Cohesion and Cooperation; and Green Europe.

Cities and regions building homes for life

With the implementation of “stay at home” measures during the COVID-19 pandemic, people soon realised that their homes were to become their immediate surroundings for the next several months. Their homes became their office, leisure place, a day-care centre for children, as well as a place to receive health and social care. All of these scenarios were manageable for some of us, for others however, their daily routine was threatened due to the condition of their homes. Indeed, according to the Centre for Ageing Better, “4.3 million homes in England are classified as non-decent homes”. According to the World Health Organization, the quality of housing has major implications for people’s health; nonetheless, 80% of our housing stock is not suitable for independent living, efforts need to focus on adapting the existing housing stock, as new construction only represents about 1% of the total housing stock” according to Housing Europe. If not adapted, housing can exacerbate existing chronic health conditions, and also jeopardise the wellbeing of its inhabitants.

Homes4Life partners promote “a society where your house is truly your home. A supportive, enabling environment that helps you realise your full personal and social potential. A society where such houses are within reach for Europeans of all ages, regardless of income, gender, race or ethnic background, sexual orientation, health status, or disability”.

The “Cities and regions building homes for life” workshop presents the context which led to the development of the new Homes4Life European Certification Scheme for Ageing in Place, a useful tool to foster the “homes for all life” approach from the housing policies and the collaboration between the different key stakeholders (e.g. architects, construction sector, decision makers, tenants, and social housing organisations). The workshop will also be the opportunity to listen to participants of the pilot project currently engaged in the testing of the Certification Scheme.

  • Olatz Nicolas Buxens, Researcher, Tecnalia, Spain.
  • Nhu Tram, Senior Project Officer, AGE Platform Europe, Belgium.

  • Jan Cieśla, Architect, Mimowieku, Poland.
  • Irina Kalderon, Policy Officer, European Commission, Luxembourg.
  • Sergio Murillo Corzo, Minister of Social Action, Government of Biscay, Spain.
  • Silvia Urra Uriarte, Researcher, TECNALIA, Spain. 

Empowering citizens
AGE Platform Europe, Tecnalia Research & Innovation
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