Webinar 9 July 2020 | Homes4Life, a certification scheme for auditing an age-friendly environment

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Considering the need for quality and resilient housing that can adapt as people’s needs evolve with age, the Homes4Life project intends to promote an age-friendly environment. Facing this challenge, a first version of a certification scheme has been developed and is being tested in pilot sites. Being innovative in its approach and process, the Homes4Life certification scheme takes into account a large array of indicators and helps raising the awareness of stakeholders for better environments for ageing people.

This webinar is proposed by Certivéa (French evaluation and certification organisation, focused on sustainable buildings, infrastructures, and urban topics). It will introduce the Homes4Life certification scheme and enable the audience to provide their views on the certification’s strengths and limits.


Christophe Gérard – Scientific and technical director, Certivéa

Hervé Duret – Consultant on the uses in buildings and cities, Certivéa

Menno Hinkema – Senior researcher in health care and consultant in health services, TNO


  • Introduction: Presentation of the project, agenda and objectives
  • Principles and structure of a certification scheme: what are the needs?
  • Upstream: the concepts behind an Age-friendly environment
  • Core: general characteristics of Homes4Life certification scheme
  • Downstream: exploitation and management of Homes4Life certification scheme
  • Q&A with the webinar’s participants