Investing in later life : A toolkit for social services providing care for older people

The European Social Network (ESN) released a toolkit for social services providing care for older people. This toolkit is the result of the ESN work on ageing and care between 2014 and 2016, mainly through its working group on ageing and care, its crosscutting work on integrated social services, and the work on the social services workforce in the framework of its 2014-2017 strategy.

The objective of this toolkit is to provide recommendations and examples of innovative practice for senior professionals working in social services providing care for older people.

The report acknowledges that the shift of health and social care systems’ focus from reaction to prevention of ill health and early detection of risk factors is still ongoing. The benefits for this shift to prevent and delay ill health, thereby promoting and enabling older people to live a healthier, independent life for longer, and to reduce demand for expensive health and social care, have been widely documented. However, preventionis often seen through the medical lens, which can neglect important social, behavioural and environmental aspects of prevention.

Get the toolkit here.