Homes4Life at Cities to Be, International congress on Sustainable Buildings

CERTIVEA contributed to the Cities to Be International Congress, an industry event for professionals in sustainable construction.

Cities to Be is a conference promoting action aimed at:

  • BEING UPDATED ON feedback from the field in France and abroad
  • SHARING good practices and solutions
  • MOBILIZING stakeholder dynamics
  • RAISING AWARENESS and PUTTING INTO PRACTICE over the time frame 2030-2050

During the specific “Networks day”, Patrick NOSSENT, CEO of CERTIVEA, gave an update on CERTIVEA prospective activities related to ICT (Information & Communication Technologies), including Homes4Life, and other connected initiatives such as 4Grids (Ready2Services extended for Smart Grids) and BIM4Value. He presented the main objectives and timeline of the Homes4Life project.

Patrick NOSSENT, Certivea CEO, at Cities to Be “Networks day”

The event contributed to raise awareness about the project, and to outline the future Homes4Life Certification Scheme, to an audience already familiar with the current portfolio of CERTIVEA certifications focused on sustainability. Some of the attendees might become assessors for the future Homes4Life certification scheme, or consultants who would provide advices to future users of this certification scheme.

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