A new approach to AHA standards engaging end-users

Back in January this year, the PROGRESSIVE Final Conference and second meeting of the CEN/CENELEC STAIR-AHA Platform took place at the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB), Brussels (Belgium) and was supported by the PROGRESSIVE project.

Sixty-four experts on active and healthy ageing from 16 European countries (plus Australia), represented the diversity of stakeholders in the standardisation field.  Eleven high-level experts on Active and Healthy Ageing and on standardisation facilitated the discussion with the audience members on age-friendly communities as enablers of Active and Healthy Ageing; on inclusiveness in standardisation, taking accessibility and usability as a use case; and on age-friendly smart homes as a tool for independent living.

A panel of expert on age-friendly smart homes had a roundtable. Mr. Frederic Lievens (Telehealth Quality Group, PROGRESSIVE) moderated the panel of experts on age-friendly smart homes, comprised by:

  • Ms Sara Casaccia, Post Doc – Università Politecnica delle Marche, Homes4Life project
  • Ms Julia Wadoux, Policy Coordinator for Health, ICT and Accessibility, AGE Platform Europe (Homes4Life partner)
  • Ms Lydia Vogt, Project Manager, DIN, PROGRESSIVE.
Panel of experts of the session on age-friendly smart homes

Ms Sara Casaccia (Università Politecnica delle Marche, Homes4Life project),presentedthe Homes4Life project. Homes4Life  will develop a European certification scheme for ageing in place. This European Certification Scheme will be based on an inspirational and realistic long-term vision at 2040 of people’s needs and requirements. It will integrate construction and digital solutions when this is beneficial to do so, -it will be flexible in addressing the specificities of each country, and it will be compliant with both new and existing buildings.

Ms Sara Casaccia on the Homes4Life project

Learn further about PROGRESSIVE and its outcomes at https://progressivestandards.org