Connected Health Summer School – Smart Homes for Healthy Ageing

Dementia causes problems with memory that can make it difficult to carry out everyday activities, for example dressing, cooking, remembering appointments and taking medication. As a result, people living with dementia (PLwD) require varying levels of support to complete everyday activities and to maintain a level of independence. If nothing is done, this loss of independence, can have huge negative impact on PLwD, and may cause confusion, anxiety, embarrassment, or depression. Additionally, this decreasing ability to carry out daily activities can cause stress to family careers who worry about the person’s safety and well-being.  Connected devices  designed to support PLwD, in particular Smart Homes, may provide an opportunity to alleviate the burden faced by PLwD and their carers.

This Summer School has been designed for early career researchers and delegates who are focusing on the research and development of Smart Homes and health services for PLwD. Delegates are members of Public or private Organizations, interested in the Connected Health domain, willing to take part at the Summer School and parallel strategic initiatives events.

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